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Harnessing the Power of Optimism

Everyone knows the sound. Nothing gets kids as excited as the chime of an ice cream truck rolling through a neighborhood. I can remember being a youngster chasing down my neighborhood ice cream truck as often as my mom and dad would let me. I remember I would have to scramble to simultaneously stop what I was doing, find mom and dad, squeeze some cash out of their wallets, and run after the elusive little cart that usually took a quarter of a mile to track down. For a solid 5 minutes it was one giant adrenaline rush trying to dash after a truck that, in my mind, was the Holy Grail.

Once I finally caught up with the truck, I did my best to make one single decision from a two-page list of delicacies. It was torture to my eight-year-old self! Before I actually caught the truck, I was full of optimism and hope. Once I arrived, I was flabbergasted by the amount of decisions I had to make. It was not quite what I had expected. I wanted so badly to run down the moving ice cream machine, but did not know what to think once I finally arrived. Quite the conundrum indeed. Who knew that getting what you desperately want is not all it is cracked up to be. However, that wide-eyed 8-year-old optimism enabled me to get what I wanted. The desire for the unattainable, the desirable, and the magnetic, drove me to reach my goal, despite the fact it was a balancing act to say the least. In business, you can use that same wide-eyed optimism. Re-kindling the fire you have for your business and your personal life is achievable, even if you believe it to be beyond your current abilities. As a consultant, I have literally watched people use their inner strength and optimism to attain the unattainable. It is amazing how a tiny bit of effort coupled with an overwhelming sense of faith can create the results you want. Perhaps Jesus said it best when he said that faith the size of a mustard grain could move mountains.Turning our attention back to the ice cream truck, we realize that several things are at play.

  • The sound of the cart signaled me into action.

  • Once I heard the sound, I sprang into action gathering the necessary resources.

  • After I reached my goal, I narrowed down my options to get what I wanted.

In business, and in our personal lives, it is important to recognize the key energizing factors at play. What is it that makes us optimistic and gets our attention to take action? What are your dreams and desires telling you that you want? Pay attention to them NOW! for better results.

Once you know what your true goals are, the next step is to scramble like hell to chase them! Your ability to find and achieve your dreams is made a reality through sheer determination and will. Use resources to get what you want, whether that means moving forward and making those difficult decisions on your own or collaborating with a trusted advisor to achieve your potential.Next, you need to narrow down your options. What should you do first? One of my consulting mentors Alan Weiss says, “It’s better to move 2 or 3 things a mile than it is to move 100 things a foot.” In other words, focus on what is important and use all of your energy to achieve it.

What things or professional goals, do you need assistance in moving a mile, rather than a foot?

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